The VEDAVI Mission

Since 2014, we’ve been developing medical software for virtual reality. The products we’re creating can be divided into the category of medical education software and the category of clinical software. At the moment, we are a team of six specialists who are working full time on our virtual reality software. The first product we’ll bring to market is a virtual reality human anatomy software which is more intuitive, immersive, detailed and aesthetic than any other anatomy software before. Initially, the primary customers of our software will be medical universities and other educational institutions in the field of healthcare, which are interested in providing their students with next generation learning opportunities at relatively low cost.

Also, we are developing clinical virtual reality software. We have built a framework which allows us to visualize and manipulate all kind of MRI and CT data in virtual reality. This allows us to rapidly create prototypes for multiple medical fields. The current prototypes which we create for orthopaedics will make it possible to very efficiently, intuitively and precisely conduct surgery planning. Additional areas will be neurosurgery planning and radiology software. The customers will be clinics and med tech companies.

Our company is based in Zurich, Switzerland.