It is a well-known fact that information is better perceived when presented visually. With the help of our 3D medical animations,it is possible to educate patients about medical services, to demonstrate a mechanism of action (MOA) to pharmaceuticals or to promote a medical product. It is a perfect tool for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, clinics and hospitals.


We can create any medical animation you may need. The one and only limitation - your imagination. Your project is unique, so our approach is unique as well. We create a custom animation for each client, based on his needs and requirements. But what remains constant - our animation creation process.


You contact us and describe the idea of the medical animation that you want to have. We listen to you carefully and create a scenario for the video.


After we have got familiar with your project, your expectations and the idea behind your project, we create a draft of your animated video. Scenario is combined with the storyboard and creation process actively begins!


After the first version of the video has been created we discuss it with you. We receive your comments and approval. You are one step closer to the video of your dream!


Finally the medical animation of your dream has been created. You can enjoy all the advantages of the medical animation: starting with patients' education and finishing with your product's promotion!

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